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Redesign – gets a new look

time cs5 brushes11th February, 2012 - cs5 brushes comments2 comments »

After 4 years of landscape, tree and colorful sky it was time for a little change. Still Wordpress, still Photoshop.

With the new design I was aiming at a layout with maximum usability. Very clean, very tidy – You should find anything you need within a second.

Like it / Don’t like it? Tell me why!

2 thoughts on “Redesign – gets a new look

  1. dealclub says:

     Amazing Design =) Keep up the Great Work

  2. 2069354830 says:

    Given the accepted accessible mood, the broker should err against the appearance of his pre-1980s forebears: That of sobriety. Whereas already bankers and added admiral in the banking area were encouraged to ‘power dress’. To do so today is inadvisable. Bankers now amount about amid al Qaeda and attorneys in the accessible eye.

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