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Photoshop Glow Effect – Tutorial

time cs5 brushes22nd June, 2009 - cs5 brushes comments18 comments »

Hey there!

Some of you asked me whether I could create a tutorial for that artwork.
Well, ok! Here it comes..

Step 1: Getting the stuff you need

To create the artwork you will need the following resources:

  • Brushset No.14
  • Nightsky Brushes – I couldnt find the author’s name. Please tell me if it’s yours, I will credit it.
  • (3D program like Cinema 4D – If you want to use 3D text-objects)

Step 2: Let’s start

Create a new file (I took 800×600) and fill it black.

Step 3:

Take the gradient tool and draw a vertical line (colors: black and darkgrey). Black at the top, darkgrey at the bottom.

Step 4:

Create a new layer, foreground color: #3a3a3a, background color: #dedede and use render -> clouds. Then set the layer on ‘overlay’.

Step 5:

Insert your object you want to give the burn effect. I took a 3D text object, which I’ve created with Cinema 4D.

Step 6:

Now create a new layer, take the last brush of the Brushset No.14 (brush size: ~700px) and click into the picture (foreground color has to be white!). Now transform the brush until you get a result like I got.

Step 7:

Use the eraser (soft pencilbrush) and erase some parts of the brush. Your result should look like this.

Step 8:

Create a new layer below the object-layer. Take the nightsky brush (called sampled brush #12) and create a starry background.

Step 9:

Duplicate the star-layer and use gaussian-blur (~10px).

Step 10:

Create a new layer (at the top again). Take the same brush (brush-size: ~100px) and form it like it is shown in the picture.

Step 11:

Duplicate the layer and form a crescent. Use Crtl+E to merge the layers. (Don’t worry, the other layers are just hidden.)

Step 12:

Place the crescent on the tip of your object and create a new layer. Then use the a pencilbrush (~40px) and draw another crescent above the other one (see picture).

Step 13:

Use gaussain-blur (~9px)

Step 14:

Duplicate the drawn-crescent and paint it orange (Crtl+U ; Color: 16 ; Saturation: 100 ; Brightness: -50).

Step 15:

Set the layer on ‘color dogde’.

Step 16:

Duplicate the layer and use gaussain-blur (~20px) and set the oppacity of the layer to ~90%.

Step 17:

To add some more color duplicate the brush-layer (first brush) and paint it yellow (Crtl+U ; Color: 45 ; Saturation: 100 ; Brightness: -40). Move the layer 3px to the right and to the bottom. Then erase the marked areas with the eraser (soft pencil, ~100px).

Step 18:

Create a new layer below the object-layer and take the pencilbrush (~120px). Choose an orange color and draw a bold line. Then choose a blue color and draw a line below the orange one (Attention: Both lines are in the same layer!).

Step 19:

Set the layer on ‘overlay’.

Step 20:

Create a new layer (at the top again), fill it black and set it on ‘color dogde’ (It should look like nothing has happened). Take a soft pencilbrush (~80px) and click on the marked areas (foreground color has to be white!). Set the layer’s oppacity to ~80%.

Step 21:

Final result

18 thoughts on “Photoshop Glow Effect – Tutorial

  1. David says:

    Great Tutorial, i go to make the tuto with my text and i publish my final result en my webpage.


  2. Lenkrad says:

    Hey das is doch eigentlich fast das gleiche wie der effekt von abduzeedo oder?!

  3. Jakob says:

    step 14 doesnt work for me..:S, i tried the CTRL+U thing but the color wont be there, any1 know why?

  4. John W says:

    Nice tutorial, simple to follow, great results, and easy to adapt to your own design.

    @ Jakob – Make your you check the box –> []Colourize

  5. Narges says:

    Thanks , your tutorials are very useful.

  6. Brilliant tutorial. Photoshop is a goldmine of productivity if you can use it properly!

    Well worth a re-tweet

  7. Cody says:

    Great Tutorial and effect, only problem is that I can’t DL Nightsky Brushes because the website that’s hosting the file removed it due to Copyright Infringement, is there anyway that you could email me the files?

  8. sarmeet says:

    O_O wow lol
    today i feel i know photoshop lol

  9. Rafael says:

    1.Very Beautifull Digital Art;
    2.Very Good Tutorial;;

  10. Verena says:

    The nightsky brush seems to belong to her:

  11. Great useful tutorial. Your post is very much helpful for the designer. Very easy to follow step by step. I like your post very much. Thanks a lot for sharing !!

  12. ifhamkhan says:

    Very nice tutorial mate, actually if you show how you make the 3d object would be good, anyway great tutorial

    • Ruslan Julbarissow says:

      Thanks dude. I was thinking about it but that would be pretty complicated und unstructured (2 different tools, many text) 🙁

      The mainpoint is the glowing you can give every object you want.

    • r0mande says:

       @ifhamkhan Thanks dude. I was thinking about it but that would be pretty complicated und unstructured (2 different tools, many text) 🙁 The mainpoint is the glowing you can give every object you want.

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  14. arthas says:

    this is good…!! 😀
    i never knew that the abstract brushes are this kind of useful materials for Photoshop users…!! :Dbtw, your face emos  are really awesome…!! 😉

  15. photoeditor13 says:

    A quite good effect I found here, but I have an opinion for you that if you fall a little light effect on the text then it could be more attractive. Anyway this is wonderful work and please keep sharing with us it’s helpful. Thanks. – ( Here I am )

  16. zhy65199 says:

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