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Photoshop Abstract Tutorial using 3D Renders

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A quite simple tutorial using external resources.

We take a 3d render, a grunge brush, a floral brush and put them into a nice scenary.

Let’s start!

Final result

abstract tutorial 16

Getting the resources we need

  • The awesome HD render pack by soad2KDownload
  • More Subtle Grunge Texture from wefunction.comDownload
  • Hand Drawn Floral Pattern from room122.comDownload

Step 1

Create a new file (I’ve chosen 700×350 px, background transparent) and fill the first layer with a new background color (for example #631700).
Photoshop Abstract Tutorial

Step 2

Take the burn/dodge tool and burn/dodge the marked area.
Photoshop Abstract Tutorial 2

Your result should look like this:

Photoshop Abstract Tutorial 3

Step 3

Create a new layer and load the grunge brushes (If you don’t know how to install brushes, read this guide) and take the brush with 738px size. Select white as foreground color (or click D, then X) and click twice on the layer.
Go to filter – sharpen – sharpen more and set the whole layer to overlay. Result:
Photoshop Abstract Tutorial 4

Step 4

Now we are gonna import the render image. Open the 2nd render (2.png) and move it into position.
Again, let’s dodge and burn around for some light effects.
Photoshop Abstract Tutorial 5

Step 5

Use the following layer effects (Explanation: Schein nach außen = Outer Glow // Schlagschatten = Shadow)
Photoshop Abstract Tutorial 6

It should look like this:
Photoshop Abstract Tutorial 7

Step 6

Create a layer BELOW the render layer and left-click the render-layer to get the selection of the render.
Fill the selection with white and go to select – modify – contract. Take 2px, hit ok and press delete. You should have a 2px thick border (quite invisible cause it’s below the render).
Now go to distort – ripple. Take the last selection (big or something) and 109%, hit enter. >Last step: Set the layer to overlay
If you hide the layer with the render, your border should look like this one:
abstract tutorial 8

Step 7

Load the floral brushes and create another layer below the render layer.
Set the foreground color to black and take a floral brush (I took the 2 with the sizes: 993 & 1135 ). Reduce the size of the brush to ~500 and click into the layer. Set the oppacity to 60% and you are done with that.
abstract tutorial 9

Step 8

Create a new layer (above the render layer) and take a soft round brush (size: ~100px).
Brush around with 2 colors (for example orange and blue) until you have 2 huge stains like this:
abstract tutorial 10

Step 9

Now: filter – blur – gaussian blur with 50px and set this layer to overlay with a oppacity of 80%.
abstract tutorial 11

Step 10

Create a new layer and got to filter – render – clouds. Take the eraser with a soft brush and erase the marked area (oppacity of the eraser brush: ~90%).
abstract tutorial 12

Step 11

Set the layer to saturation.
abstract tutorial 13

Step 12

If you like to, you can give the background a checkered pattern.
Create a new file (size: 10×10 – background: transparent).
Take the pencil, choose a round brush and set its size to 1 (foreground color: black). Create by single clicking a diagonal line like in this picture:
abstract tutorial 14

Step 13

When you are done, go to edit – define pattern and hit enter.

Switch back to the main file and create a layer above the background layer.

Go to edit – fill and choose the pattern you just created. Your picture has now diagonal lines.

Copy the layer, go to edit – transform – flip horizontal and press CRTL+E (merge down). Set the layer oppacity to 20% and copy the layer.
Press CRTL+I (invert) and move the layer one pixel to the right. Set the layer oppacity to 5% and should have the following checkered effect:

abstract tutorial 15

Step 14

Add your text, done.
abstract tutorial 16

Questions? Feel free to leave a comment!

2 thoughts on “Photoshop Abstract Tutorial using 3D Renders

  1. Dennys Gonzalez says:

    AWSOME!! thx bro, God bless

  2. 2069354830 says:

    Designed for the Italian Navy’s underwater saboteurs in the 1930s, Panerai’s Luminor re-surfaced to become THE band diving watch of the 1990s and onward. Its angel saint? Sylvester Stallone, who wore them in a amount of his added blowing films.

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