Brushes for Photoshop CC

GIMP Brushes – Free

GIMP users can finally enjoy the awesomeness of my abstract brushes as well 😉

Adobe Photoshops little free ware brother is a great alternative if you are unable to pay a wad of money for a single tool like Photoshop CS5 or a newer and more expensive version like CS6. Despite that you can still be creative with GIMP and get a bunch of addons like brushes and stuff. There are many ressources for GIMP brushes on the web. Me aswell is providing such a ressource: Below you’ll find my sets which are hosted on deviantART. If you are a Photoshop user, don’t hesitate to visit the Photoshop CS5 Brushes section here on

GIMP brushes set 16

free gimp brushes

GIMP brushes set 15

free gimp brushes 15

GIMP brushes set 14

free gimp brushes 14

GIMP brushes set 13

free gimp brushes 13

GIMP brushes set 12

free gimp brushes 12

GIMP brushes set 11

free gimp brushes 11

GIMP brushes set 10

free gimp brushes 10

GIMP brushes set 9

free gimp brushes 9