Brushes for Photoshop CC

Brushes for Photoshop CC

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Below you see a nice amount of abstract CC brushes. Most of the sets are for Photoshop 7, but in some cases there are PNG files included, which means that you can use the shapes in every image editor like GIMP or Paint Shop Pro. In other cases it’s for CS3 / CS5 / CS6 / CC. Just check the description above the download link of each set.

All of these brushsets are completely free to use: Commercial use aswell! I spent a lot of afford in these abstract brushes sets, so please feel free to set a backlink to this site or to give me a like on my facebook site.

free photoshop abstract brushes 16

  • Set No. 17: 3 Brushes, PNG Files
  • Download

free photoshop brushes 16

  • Set No. 16: 2 Brushes, PSD File, PNG Files
  • Download (Version CS3+)

free photoshop brushes 15

  • Set No. 15: 4 symmetric Brushes
  • Download (Version CS3+)

free photoshop abstract brushes 14

  • Set No. 14: 3 Brushes, PSD File
  • Download (Version 7.0+)

free photoshop abstract brushes 13

  • Set No. 13: 13 Brushes, PSD File
  • Download (Version 7.0+)

free photoshop abstract brushes 12

  • Set No. 12: 1 Brush, PSD File
  • Download (Version 7.0+)

free photoshop abstract brushes 11

  • Set No. 11: 4 Brushes
  • Download (Version 7.0+)

free photoshop abstract brushes 10

  • Set No. 10: 3 Brushes
  • Download (Version 7.0+)

free photoshop abstract brushes 9

  • Set No. 9: 3 Brushes
  • Download (Version 7.0+)

free photoshop abstract brushes 8

  • Set No. 8: 1 Brush
  • Download (Version 7.0+)

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Advantages of Photoshop brushes

Brush tool paints brush strokes and pencil tool paint hard-edged strokes. Brush palette lets the user make thousands of different types of brushes by selecting preset brushes and designing custom brushes. A preset includes all the saved settings that make up a particular brush. Abstract Photoshop brushes are a brilliant way to add some extra adornment to your coming project.

Brushes can save some of your important time while working with design embellishment. The brushes, when manipulated and used in different ways can create stunning effects and visuals for the user. Therefore, they have proved to be a fantastic time-saving option as they help you with quickly creating rich artworks and designs without the need to draw all the design elements as individual. There is a huge range of brushes which can be downloaded online, present within a range from grass designs to grungy textures or clouds to typography. Many Photoshop versions come with a set of pre installed brushes. Though, these only allows the surface for what is possible with the brush engine, therefore one should definitely grab the free downloads available online and start adding gorgeous design flourishes to their work.

Using the brushes

The brush tool can be used for many purposes in Adobe Photoshop CC. It is used by many experts for editing images, designing logos, creating art and many other purposes. The abstract brushes can be adjusted according to the user’s wish. These brushes can be selected from drop down menu. After selecting the brush tool, other magical features like brush size, shape, style and opacity can be configured according to the user’s compatibility. We can then change the colour of the ink. However, the magic does not stop here. The brush tool has endless possibilities and can be used to tweak images. These brushes give a different layout, something new, something unique. The results are always jaw-dropping, the images turn out to be crisp and sharp, texts and symbols look fresh and almost anything can be modified by using these abstract brushes. Brushes are one of the most critical and important tools in Adobe Photoshop. They are easy to use and give you complete satisfaction and excellent results in areas where other tools might fail.

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Top Five Adobe Photoshop Tricks

Adobe Photoshop has numerous tools that will grant you more versatility over your edited image, and with these tools, you can determine how your image will be displayed. However, there are so many tools that many users aren’t aware of, so this list of helpful tools is meant to help you better enhance your photos.

1: Make Text Merge With Images

If you want to make your text have the same texture as an image, you can drop an image layer over a type layer. After that, you must hold down Alt and click the line between the two layers in the Layers Panel to clip the image to the text. After you do this, your text will contain the image inside of its borders. This will give life to your text rather than it just containing regular colors, as it will contain pieces and parts of an image.

2: Enhance a Photo By Combining It With Another Photo That Contains More Vibrant Colors

Once you locate a photo that contains more eyepopping colors, you must open up the photo that you wish to edit. After doing so, select Image >> Adjustments >> Match Color. Then select the photo with more vibrant colors as the source. After adjusting the Luminance and Color Intensity, you can hit OK to have your final result. This result will make your photo become more interesting due to the flamboyance of colors. Based upon the way you adjust the Luminance and Color intensity, you can make the resulting colors look realistic or filterlike.

3: Turn Your Logo or Watermark Into a Brush Preset

If you often use a watermark or logo in your photos, you may want to make it more convenient to apply it. First, you must make sure that your watermark or logo is on a transparent background After that, go to Edit >> Define Brush Preset, and your logo will be easily accessible. While applying the paintbrush tool, go to your paintbrushes to see your logo. This will allow you to apply this logo onto any of your photos instantly.

4: Adjustment Layers

The adjustment layers improve your photos by allowing you to sharpen the colors of a single layer of an image. In order to locate this helpful tool, go to the bottom of the Layers Panel (a black and white circle icon). With this versatility over single layers, you can blend or differentiate layers from each other in an image. This can grant depth and contrast to your photo which will can make it significantly more appealing.

5: Change The Background

The background can be altered with ease to better to enhance the photo. Shiftclick over the background with the Paint Bucket tool to fill it with your foreground color. If you don’t want to change the color, you can rightclick to change it back to the regular grey color. When changing your background you will see a presented betterment of your image. The image’s background will largely determine if it will pop or fade, and based upon the image, you canuse this tool to display which of the two characteristics it will possess.