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Abstract Brushes No 15!

time cs5 brushes27th February, 2009 - cs5 brushes comments7 comments »

After a long break of creating brushes I return with the 15th set of abstract brushes for Photoshop.

Some facts:

  • Photoshop CS3+ compatible (PS7 user have to use the sets 1-14)
  • Symmetric
  • 4 Brushes
  • High resolution (1000-2000px)

How to achieve the coloring effect will be described in that tutorial on

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7 thoughts on “Abstract Brushes No 15!

  1. daredanger says:

    Please tell us the license of use of this brush. Can we use this brush for commercial projects. Do we need to necessarily attribute you if we use your brush in a commercial/personal project.

  2. Ruslan Julbarissow says:

    Commercial/private use. Do whatever you want. Just don’t sell them.

  3. Satori says:

    This is so awesome!! Thanks and keep coming up with tuts

  4. Great set of brushes! Thank you for the share!

  5. Eversor says:

    Very nice job! , i love this brushes

  6. zorglub says:

    what tool do you use to create this kind of abstract lines ?

  7. 2069354830 says:

    To accomplish this, there is one, and alone one watch: The Patek Philippe Calatrava. In connected assembly back 1932, built-in in the Depression, as it were, the Calatrava combines common functionality with elegance. To the green eye, it is anonymous. To the alone who knows, it says that the wearer prefers Romanée-Conti to, well, annihilation else.

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