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11 deviantART tutorials you might not know [Photoshop]

time cs5 brushes6th June, 2013 - cs5 brushes comments2 comments »

By thinking of great Photoshop Tutorials you might start looking on sites like tutsplus, abduzeedo or tutorialized. But one of the biggest sites for resources and inspiration is still The site launched in the year 2000 and consists of ~250 million uploads, like tutorials, brushes, showcases and any other thinkable creative medium. Because deviantART offers a quite poor search system, it is sometimes pretty though to find one’s way around. If you want to search in specific date ranges you have to be a premium. To make it easier for you, I’ve created a little compilation of deviantART tutorials and walkthroughs which aren’t featured on every site and should gain more attention.

Female Nature

A creepy but great effect achieved by “cutting and opening the head”. The tutorial is refered to an artwork linked in the deviation (description) itself.

deviantart Tutorials

Dust in Neo-Trocadero

Here we have a nice collection of cool tricks from an awesome desginer. You get some great insights in 2D digital painting.

deviantart Photoshop Tutorials

Under Water Tutorial

One of the best Photoshop tutorials on deviantART. The result is simply breathtaking and a real eye catcher.

deviantart Photoshop Tutorials

Photo Edit

A very simple but desired effect to boost your picture’s colors and saturation and achieve an analogue photography / vintage effect.

deviantart Photoshop Tutorials

Broken Glass

Glass effects are that rare in the graphics community. But the most of them are “too simple” and mostly look noobish and raw. The following tutorial is contrary to the rest. It’s result looks stunningly real and detailed. All resources you need are linked in the deviations description.

deviantart Photoshop Tutorials

Create a realistic pencil

A tutorial of creating a quite well looking pencil with Photoshop. Don’t forget to read the second part which is linked aswell.
A little tip for improvement: Add a blurred dark inner shadow to the top and bottom edges to increase the 3D effect. Looks cool!

deviantart Photoshop Tutorials

Nebula Brushing

A small walkthrough of using the brushes tool to create great nebulas. A tablet is highly recommended!

deviantart Photoshop Tutorials

Digital Painting

Another tutorial by the deviant ~Exphrasis which shows a stunning walkthrough of an atmospheric 2D digital paint artwork.

deviantart Photoshop Tutorials

Mime Face Painting

A pretty funny Photoshop manipulation tutorial. Improvement tip: Instead of lower the opacity of the last layer, use the wave filter; it adds a natural sketchiness so it looks more realistic.

deviantart Photoshop Tutorials

Brushes coloring

Despite of its popularity (1500+ favorites at deviantART) I’d like to promote my own (VERY) simple deviantART tutorial. It is that simple, it shouldn’t be a tutorial, but people seem to love it.

deviantart Photoshop Tutorials

Hey, where is #11?

The very last one is up to you. Leave a comment with your favorite deviation tutorials and if they are worth it I’ll add them to the post.

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