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Photoshop Poster Tutorial – G900

time cs5 brushes9th December, 2008 - cs5 brushes comments48 comments »

As announced on the deviation, I’ve created a tutorial of the Sony Ericsson G900 picture.

Creating posters with Photoshop is a necessary part of any print and graphic designer. To get started, it can be very helpful to check out a Photoshop poster tutorial like that one. In this tutorial you will learn how you can create a 3D styled room where your product is presented in. For extraordinary boost you can add some effects by using Abstract Brushes.

It’s a perfect example for creating an awesome Poster with Photoshop.

Step 1

Create a new file (I used 500×800 in the original) and fill it with any color (I used purple, #6d005c).

Step 2

Take the burn tool and darken the marked area (image). Then switch to the dodge tool and lighten the marked areas (image). The shadows and highlights create something like a room.

Step 3

Your result should look like this.

Step 4

Now, take the image (UPDATE: The original G900 picture isn’t available anymore. So you can use this Lumia picture taken from the press libary of Nokia.) of the mobile phone and delete the whole white parts (cut it out) and place it in the center. You can take any other phone.

Step 5

Duplicate the layer of the mobile phone and color it completly white (ctrl+u – lightness +100). Use the gaussian blur to create a glow and set the layer on overlay. Don’t forget to put the layer below the mobile phone layer.

Step 6

Get Spazz24′s Splatter Brushes and install them (If you don’t know how to install brushes, read this guide). Create a new layer between the glow and the mobile phone and use some of the brushes to get a result like I got.

Step 7

Create a new layer below the mobile phone, draw a dark bold line with the paintbrush and place it below the phone (phones shadow). You can also create a dark rectangle, blur it and rotate it slightly.

Step 8

Duplicate the mobile phone, flip it vertical and place it like in the image.

Step 9

Use transform -> distort and pull the topleft corner upwards (image).

Step 10

Add a layer mask (hide all), press D and drag a vertikal line to hide the bottom part of the reflection. Your result should look like this (image).

Step 11

Create a new layer (above the others) and use the pen (only paths) to create a zigzag form around the phone. Start in the bottom left corner.

Step 12

Now start rounding the paths using the convert point tool (image).

Step 13

Select the paintbrush, choose a 2px brush (soft) and set white as foreground color. Now switch to the pen again. Rightclick on the path and choose stroke path (brush).

Step 14

Select the lasso tool and select every second line that covers the phone .. and delete it.

Step 15

Select the eraser (oppacity 20%) and delete the endings of the line softly.

Step 16

Duplicate the line layer and move it 5px upwards. Press ctrl+u and color the line (hue 290; saturation 100; lightness -50).Press ctrl+e to merge the layers. Duplicate the merged layer and use gaussian blur (about 1px) to create a glow.
Step 17
Create a new file with the sizes 30×30 and fill it black. Go to edit -> define brush preset and name it ‘square’ (or something). Switch to our phone picture, create a new layer and select the paintbrush. Open the brush palette and choose our new created square-brush. Click here to see the settings (sorry, but I use the german version).

Step 18

Create a new layer, set white as foreground color and click a few times on the 2 lines. If you like your result, set the layer on overlay.

Step 19

Make a new layer, select the ellipse tool and create by dragging a big ellipse. Switch to the eraser (oppacity 50% and a biiiig pencil) and erase the marked area (image). The gradient has to be very soft!

Step 20

Set the layer on soft light with an oppacity of ~40% and duplicate the layer. Now you can rotate and move the layer into a nice position.


Don’t forget to add a cool text or something. Your poster is done now. Check my other tutorials here!

Questions ? Ask !