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Photoshop Brushes Tutorial – Coloring

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In this tutorial I’m going to show you how to create an effect like this. Very simple and short. Some of you will recognize the tutorial. You’re right, it’s already at deviantArt, but I still get so much requests, so .. here it comes :)

Step 1

Start with a new file and choose any size you want (I took 560×226). Paint the layer black and create a new layer (!).

Step 2

Get some brushes from here and install them. Now set white as foregroundcolor, choose one (or more) of the brushes and add them by clicking on the image.

Step 3

Duplicate the layer, use gaussian blur (~5px) and set the oppacity of the layer to ~40%.

Step 4

Create a new layer and use the big 300px brush with 2 colors you want to paint over the picture. Take care: The 2 colors have to be in the same layer!

Step 5

Set the layer on color and create a new layer (and press D! – black and white as colors). Use render -> clouds and then the gaussian blur (about 10px). Set the layer on vivid light. Your result should look like this.

Optional Step

If the glow isn’t strong enough: Take the 100px pencilbrush, set white as color and set the oppacity of the pencilbrush to ~20%. Now you can add by simple clicking very nice highlights (same works with black as color).

Questions? Feel free to ask.