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How to install Photoshop CS6 Brushes

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After endless questions how to install the brushes or how to color them like I do, I’ve decided to write that ultimate Photoshop Brushes guide to explain everything you need for using my brushes.

That guide will give you an overview of using the brushes and a little overview of some nice tutorials.

Let’s start with the “How to install Photoshop CS6 Brushes”

Getting the Photoshop brushes

To work with brushes, you will notice that you need some brushes to work with.

In my Photoshop Brushes section you will find all my brushes I’ve ever created. To download them click on Download, then click on the left side of the page on ‘Download’ again.

Installation of the Photoshop brushes

Save the .rar archive to your harddisk, extract the file (you need WinRAR for that) and open Adobe Photoshop.

Select the Brushtool and click at the top at this arrow.arrow
Now click that symbol symbol and select Load Brush. Select the extracted .abr file. That’s it.
Your brushes are now available in your brushes palette.

Notice that you can’t use brushes made for CS3 with Photoshop versions lower that CS3. But you can work with older brushes, when you have a newer Photoshop version like CS3.

Using the Photoshop brushes

Check out the following tutorials:

Feel free to post other cool tutorials related to brushes, I will add them.
And of course: Feel free to link to that guide! 😉