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Cool Twitter Backgrounds – 21 Creative Examples

7th February, 2012 - 3 comments »

With the growth of twitter the own twitter account becomes more and more important. Nobody will remember your account if you are using a standard theme (except you’re famous anyway).

Here are 21 brilliant examples of designs you will remember.


Google+ vs Facebook – Will Google+ win?

31st October, 2011 - No comments »

The fact that facebook has 40 times more users than Google+ could probably lead you to the assumption that facebook is the all-time winner. But let’s consider the following points, why Google, the master company of web, could also become the leader of social networks:


The new WordPress 2.7 – Goodbye Old

11th December, 2008 - One comment »

It’s official !

My favorite content management system Wordpress released finally the version 2.7.