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Brush Compilation – 555 Must Have Brushes

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You are looking for the ultimate selection of brushes?

Well, this brush compilation contains handpicked high quality brushsets (Topics: Grunge, Splatter, Floral, Glow / Light / Abstract, Hair and Stars) you don’t want to miss.

Attention: The license of each brushset varies. So check out the download page for the free / commercial license.

Did I forget your favorites? Feel free to comment!

Grunge Brushes

Grunge Brushes are especially needed when you are creating gritty backgrounds or distorted borders. You can easily do it yourself too: Just take a picture of a rusty metal, set the picture to greyscale and increase the contrast. Save the pattern as brush, you’re done.

QuadGrunged (10)

High Resolution Grunge Brushes (10)

More Subtle Grunge Textured Brushes (42)

Grunge (8)

Grunge Brushes 3 (58)

Grunge ‘n Rust 2nd Edition (17)

thppt grunge brushes (19)

Splatter Brushes

Splatter Brushes are perfect when it comes to blood and similar stuff. In combination with the grunge brushes above you are ready to go for creating dark scenes in Photoshop.

Hi-Res Splatter Brushes (16)

Bloody Massacre Photoshop Brushes (40)

Hi-Res Splatter Brushes (17)

INK Splatters (45)

SM_splatterisM 1 (35)

Floral Brushes

As expected, floral brushes are shapes of flowers and other goodies the nature has created. They fit perfect in advertising images.

Floral Brush Set (5)

Urban Floral Brushes (20)

Hand Drawn Florals (8)

Free Floral Brush Pack (18)

Ornamentals (12)

Glow, Light and Abstract Brushes

The collection below is a must have for creating stunning light effects and to boost your backgrounds, objects and so on.. Abstract Brushset 13 (13)

Elegant – Soft Light Brushes (13)

Shining Swords (7)

Fractal Chaos (10)

Abstract Glow (5)

Bokeh Brushes (8)

Nova Equinox Brushes (11)

Hair Brushes

Hair brush set (5)

Hair Brushes Set 6 (12)

Hair Brush II (12)

Star Brushes

Nebulae Brushes (15)

Rabies Star Brushset (20)

Starbrushes 3 (4)

Exclusive – Galactic Brushes (10)